Brothers, Sisters, Friends,

Spring is in full bloom, winter is a thing of the past, and summer is on the horizon—though not nearly as close as some of our students would like!  It is a time of new beginnings.  On Sunday, May 18th, and Wednesday, May 21st, we wrap up our 31-week trek through The Story.  It’s been quite an adventure experiencing the narrative of Scripture in broad, sweeping strokes.  We’ve walked through the desert with the Israelites, witnessed the highs and lows of King David’s life, and heard the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Now, as we examine the life of the early church through Peter and Paul’s eyes, we see where we fit into the story.  We are the Church, dear friends.  We who believe are part of the Body of Christ, which the gates of hell shall not overcome and which shall endure until the last days when Christ comes back in all his glory.  Denominations, structures, and local churches may change or die out, but the Church—the global Body of Christ—shall endure.

Take joy in that, but also take heed: we have work to do.  Like Jesus’ first disciples, we too are called to go, to love, to serve, to make disciples of all nations.  I’m so excited for all that this summer has in store!  And, though Wednesday nights wrap up for the season with our annual Talent Review on the 28th and children’s Sunday school does not run through the summer months, be sure that we have a lot going on: River Raisin Festival, VBS, and our Mission Trip to Sault Ste. Marie just to name a few!

As you and I gear up for what God has in store for the next few months, let’s take some time to reflect and maybe do a bit of spring cleaning.  At Emmanuel, we’ll have a spring cleaning time following worship on May 25th.  But, more importantly, what baggage in your life needs to go?  What is holding you back from full devotion to God?  Let’s take the dirt and grime of our lives and hand it over to the Master, trusting that he can clean and purify us once again.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Zack


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