February, 2018

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

-Colossians 3:23

Let me set the scene for you here… As I sat down to write this for the monthly newsletter I had just dropped Everett at school then walked over to the church through an unexpected snowfall. I opened the door to the church only to realize the temperature inside the church was not much higher than that outside of it (I am extremely thankful for the efforts of those who have been working to get this remedied!). Upon sitting down at my desk I realized I had left my charger for my laptop at home and only had a fraction of battery left. All said, it was not the greatest start to my Monday morning. But as is the norm,  God has a way of stepping in and bringing my focus back where it needs to be.

As I stared at the blank screen before me, I realized I had not read through my normal morning devotion yet. As I opened it up, I was greeted with the above verse from Colossians. As I said, God has a way of stepping in. I can say with 100% certainty that, as my day started out, my heart was not in it. I was looking at my to-do list and the circumstances around me and letting them control my attitude. Then I saw Paul’s words to the Colossians.

I couldn’t help but remember that Paul was writing to the Colossian church while in prison.

And yet while he was in the most dire of situations himself, he is encouraging others to always give their all, do the work and remember that we aren’t called to serve people, but rather, to serve the Lord.

Paul’s words did the trick, they reminded me that no matter what the task is we should be doing it for the Lord. This verse snapped me out of my Monday morning funk and that really is my hope for all of us. That when those days come that you just aren’t feeling it, you too can find encouragement and motivation in the Scriptures. It may not be this specific verse from Colossians, but I encourage you to spend some time in the Word, let God speak to you, let God be the one who encourages you each and every day. And then I hope you’ll join me in getting to work, not for people but for the Lord.


Pastor Devin

To see the rest of the February 2018 newsletter, click here.



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