March, 2020

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart.”

Psalm 32:11

How many of you put conditions on doing things in your life?  When the weather gets warmer I’ll get out and walk more. As soon as I feel better I’ll get around to finishing that project in the basement.  Right after the holiday I’ll clean up my diet and eat better. When things slow down at work I’ll find more time to spend with my family. When I have some more in savings I’ll be able to give to the Church (or charity, or other group).  

I am willing to bet that all of us are guilty of one of these or something similar at times in our lives.  We often spend our days looking at what is next, or what is possible in some picturesque future that we want to imagine is coming.  In doing so we often miss what is right before us. We short change ourselves, others around us, and sometimes God.  

I think perhaps that is why King David’s words in Psalm 32 stood out to me this week.  He is not placing any conditions that need to be met or any outward circumstances that need to be achieved before he can celebrate in the Lord.  Instead he tells us that regardless of circumstance or hardship we should, “be glad in the Lord and rejoice,” that we should, “shout for joy.”  

I hope King David’s words can ring in our ears during this season of Lent.  It is easy to want to skip ahead to Easter morning and celebrate Christ’s glorious resurrection, but in doing so we can miss out on the here and now.  I hope you can find times throughout this Lenten season to be glad, to rejoice, and to shout for joy without putting conditions on it. This Lent may we practice living in the present, sharing Christ’s love with each other and those we encounter.

Pastor Devin

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